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                                                             AFIS Automated Fingerprint Identification System
                                                                  AFIS is the Police Criminal Database used to check criminal records.

                                                                                                      WHY DO YOU NEED AFIS?
The current means of checking if a person has a criminal record, using their name and ID number, is no longer accurate and reliable and will be turned off by the SAPS CRC’s. A criminal check will now require a full set of candidate’s fingerprints captured electronically using the new AFIS system.

                                                                                                       WHO CAN USE AFIS?
Any company that uses or wants to do criminal checks as part of pre-employment or periodic criminal checking.

                                                                                                    HOW DOES AFIS WORK?
The AFISwitch technology is software that interfaces with the SAPS AFIS for the purpose of criminal background enquiries. Part of this technology is an electronic fingerprint reader used to capture an applicant’s fingerprints.
Once ten fingerprints have been captured successfully they are submitted electronically, by means of an internet connection. On completion of a fingerprint search, the SAPS AFIS returns a Possible Hit or No-hit result within 24-48 hours. In the case of a "Possible HIT" report, SAPS will further process the search and supply the details regarding the record.

                                                                           2012 ANNUAL BACKGROUND RESULTS
                                                                                                  Criminal Screening

*  11.5% of all job applicants have a criminal record.
*   Top 4 offences are theft, assault, road traffic act and drug offences- make up 70%
*   Theft accounts for 25% of all convictions
*   Fraud, housebreaking, robbery and possession of stolen goods accounts for a further 10%.
*   30.26% of the applicants who have a criminal record are repeat offenders.
*   17.36% have 2 offences, a further 6.13% have 3 convictions and 2.77% have 4 convictions.
*   4% of applicants with records had between 5 and 10+ convictions.
*    73% of all the convictions are within the past ten years.

General Screening

*   Over 20% of applicants have credit records
*   8.5% of qualifications submitted for verification have been falsified.
*   13% of matric certificates submitted were fraudulent.
*   10% ID documents fraudulent.
*   8% of driver’s licenses were not valid.


*   Criminal Check (AFIS)
*   Fraud Listing
*   Association Memberships
*   Financial Services Screen
*   Permanent Residency
*   Financial check (ITC & Experian)
*   ID Verification
*   Drivers license & PDP verification
*   Matric Qualification South Africa
*   Academic Qualification South Africa
*   Academic Qualification (Sub-Saharan Africa)
*   Academic Qualification Global
*   Character Reference and Proof of employment
*   Verification of past employment (SA only)
*   ID Verification
*   PSIRA check
*   and more…..